Friday, August 14, 2015

The People Who Came Before Us

I get messages all the time about people who know people who have had a kid diagnosed with autism, or people concerned their kid isn't developing in some way that they should be.  I reached out when we first thought things were coming to a diagnosis, and the people who reached back, we call them first responders. It is my pleasure to be that to other people.  So please keep the messages coming.

I am very open about our travels on this journey to do exactly that, help new parents that are faced with this stuff.  I don't want to make B a sideshow, far from it.  I love being the example to people of where we were and where we are now.

That being said we are all afraid as parents and social media has made it even more frightening since we can now keep up with all the baby Einsteins and Rembrandts of the preschool yard.  Worrying your kid won't get in to Harvard is one thing, but when you start to notice little things and see all the autism this and autism that flashing around it's easy for that to jump into your thoughts.  It is totally acceptable to contact a parent who is open about their diagnosis and, most likely, willing to help.  Mostly we are going to offer you some sort of pep talk about how you are doing the right thing and recommend talking to your pediatrician about your concerns.  We can handle your emotional guidance and share our stories, but the expert on your child is you!!

If you are worried and your doc shrugs you off then keep pushing.  Mommy gut is one of the strongest compasses I have.  It has led me down the right path WAY more times than the wrong, and heaven help a doctor who is going against momma bear instinct.

All the studies push for early interventions.  The earlier the signs of autism are noticed the earlier you can start therapies and the higher success rate they have.  I say this one because there are parents who take doctor advice and shrug it off.  If they want to test Johnny for autism let them, what does it hurt?  It can only help him/her.

And the whole point of this nonsense is if you are feeling lonely you aren't.  There may not be a neighbor or close friend who gets you, but there is a group of people somewhere who does.  Whether they just understand that it sucks sometimes or their little crazy kiddo does laundry incessantly like your little crazy kiddo.  Whether they get the isolation autism can brings or they understand how nonverbal does not mean quiet.  Someone gets it.  There are so many people who have already traveled this path, and they are paving the way. This is going to be me someday, and then it will be the people who have kids diagnosed in the future.  We are a family.  One big crazy protective family.

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