Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Grade Mommy Blues

Walked Mr B into his first grade class today.  He walked to find his seat.  He didn't cry, get upset, or flip out that mommy wasn't staying.  He just went.  It's what he was supposed to do.  It's what I was supposed to hope he would do.  But dang it...

He has a paraprofessional this year, we are very excited about this.  He is pretty spot on when it comes to doing his work and following directions, but he has a mischievous side and very little fear or concept of real danger.  We are hoping he doesn't need her much and the teacher even introduced her as a class aide.  And we don't want him dependent on someone else.  But so so so so glad to have an extra set of eyes on him, and the help if or when he needs it.

He is in good hands.  Everyone on campus knows B.  They all were mentioning how excited they were to see his little fedora again.  I had to break hearts and say that ship has sailed.  It broke mine too when he stopped wearing them, about two months ago.  That's how things always go with him though.  He does things just long enough for mommy to get used to it and then BAM over it.

I imagine that's what life will be like for us though.  Get used to one way of doing things and then have to learn a whole new way.  And that's okay.  Change is good.

But my baby is in first grade.  And today is a perfect day to be blue.  I will figure out how to not miss him for full days later.  Can't wait to pick him up!!!

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