Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Don't Call Me a Single Mom

My husband is an oilfield man, so he is gone a lot.  I get a lot of the "you have your hands full" comments, and it is true they keep me busy.  I don't work outside of the house.  Having three kids, one with autism, is a full time job.  Not that I couldn't work, I did it with two kids so am sure I could with three, and not that I think women shouldn't work outside of the house, if it makes you happy then do that, I just belong here right now.  In a year or two I may belong somewhere else.

With hubby being gone so often I often hear "single momming it" as a description for what I, and many oilfield families, do on a daily basis.  And to that I say what an insult to single moms.

I don't have a person every night that I get to see and hold and tell me things will go better tomorrow, but I do have that person a phone call or text away.  I don't have to feel the guilt of working too much while trying to balance spending time with my kids, and the potential of a personal life, and throw in school to better our lives.  I don't have to wonder if I will find a person who will love me and my kids and make the decision to be there for them no matter what, DNA be dammed.  I don't have to explain why daddy and mommy aren't together any longer, but they still love their kiddos very much.

I know many of these amazing women.  They sacrifice so many things to give their all to their kids.  They feel a lot of guilt and show a lot of love.  I admire them. But I am not one of them.  Calling me one negates their sacrifice and life they live.

Lots of respect for all of you, and if you ever need anything the offer is always open.  

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