Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Woman at the Library

Dear Fellow Mom,

I may have not been nice when I told you not to scold my kid.  You probably thought I was insane.  You definitely think he is a spoiled brat and trying to hog the train table your kid wants to play on.  Your kid probably thinks that too.  

It's not that I want my son to take away your son's train.  The sight of them playing side by side is so beautiful to me. 

 You see, the last time we came to the library we had to leave VERY quickly when another kid tried playing on the train table with my son.  My son has autism.  Playing with others is a work in progress among many other social things he is learning.  The last time we came he didn't want the others to play because they would mess up what ever game he was playing.  He couldn't tell them this, so instead lay down on the floor kicking and screaming.  We had to drag him out with his sisters unhappy to be leaving the library early.  This time, however, he played next to so many kids before your son came to play.  They were playing so wonderfully until my kiddo grabbed the train from yours.  And that is wrong.  And he does need to learn it is so.  But I also want to reinforce the good.  He didn't lie down and become inconsolable because another child sat next to him.  He didn't do anything that caused us to have to leave the library.  He, as a lot of 6 year olds do, took a toy away from another kid.  

We have come so far from where he was.  We can do so many more things that most parents take for granted.  And yet all you see is my kid taking the train.

I do apologize for him taking the train.  And one day I know he will apologize to your kid as well.  Because progress with this kid has been amazing, and he never gives up trying to make friends.

But just for next time, let me scold my kid.


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